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Recent growth of the Internet has brought about more possibilities for abuse of this new communications medium.  Thus, CRAVIS has developed the following policies regarding abuse of Internet services.  These policies were established to protect you, our customer, form Internet harassment and intrusions of privacy.

“Netiquette” is a term which has come to receive widespread use on the Internet.  Netiquette is generally defined as the standards or practices an individual or organization engages in to engender responsible Internet citizenship on their behalf, as well as refraining from standards or practices which would impose undue financial, time, or social constraints on other users of the Internet.

The Internet has no single governing body.  There is no Internet Management to complain to when things go wrong.  Every facet of the Internet is overseen by individual organizations (such as CRAVIS) whose networks are interconnected to form the Internet.  Additionally, every user of the Internet is responsible for his/her own behavior.  

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