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Webhosting Plans:
Cravis Host One
Cravis Host Two
Cravis Host Three
Cravis Host Four
Cravis Host Five
The Enterprise Plan. CravisHostFive is also a good starting point for your own webhosting business. Take a look at the features and click order ;-)
Setup Fee : $ 0
Monthly Fee : $ 49.95
Prepay for 3 months : $ 44.95 /month
Prepay for 6 months : $ 39.95 /month
Prepay for 12 months : $ 34.95 /month
Disk Storage : 100,000 MB
POP3 Accounts : 1000
FTP Accounts : 1000
Monthly Data Transfer : 1000 GB
ODBC DSN : 300
Subdomains : 2000
Additional Domains : 20
MySQL databases : 200 databases
MS SQL 2000 databases : 100 databases
Server Features
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 .NET Framework
Advanced Statistics ActiveX Support
Windows Server 2003 Microsoft IIS 6
Active Server Pages Perl version 5.x
MS Index Server Server-Side Includes
SSL Secure Server ODBC/DSN
Borland Database Engine WAP Hosting
cgi-bin Directory PHP
MS Access support MySQL & MS SQL 2000
Windows Media Services (optional) ...and more
ASP Components
IIS ASP Components Persits Software AspUpload
AspImage Persits Software AspEmail
Software Artisans SA-Check Persits Software AspEncrypt
Software Artisans SA-Session Persits Software AspGrid
Software Artisans SA-SMTPmail DynuCOM
1TouchASP ...and more
Mail Features
iMail Server 6.x Unlimited E-mail Aliasing
Merak version 7.4.x Unlimited E-mail Autoresponders
E-mail Forwarding Web-based Control Panel
List Server (optional) Web-based Messaging
POP3/IMAP4 Mailboxes ...and more


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